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"The shapes and forms in Kent Broadbent's art explode from the canvas, holding our imaginations captive within multiple layers of color and texture. This is art you will want to touch and that will touch you."

Larry Jon Davis, Professor of Art Retired

I first met Kent Broadbent when we both had works accepted into one of the Galesburg Civic Art Center's Galex national competitions.  I really took to a diptych that he had done in oil and cold wax.  It was with pleasure, then, when I learned that he was having a solo exhibition at Prairie Art Center in Princeton, Illinois.  Once again I was completely captivated with Kent's compositional skills and total command of complex color relationships.  His work has the enviable capacity to impress the viewer from both across a room, and maybe more importantly, at close observation.  The rich textures and layering is joy to behold for someone like myself, who has been a professional artist and teacher for over fifty years.  Do take advantage of any opportunity you may have of seeing his paintings.

DR Edward Miles

Kent's work first caught my eye on display at the Quad Cities airport display.  His work is abstract, vibrant, colorful, and his application is varied in texture and creates lines and shapes that seem to vary from one part of the piece to the other.  Up close, the piece is very detailed, some of which is not visible from a distance, and adds to the depth and engagement of the piece.  I've since seen his work in other galleries in the area, and while the medium and presentation is similar, each piece is unique and tells a different story.  "To be named later" is displayed proudly in my collection!


Professor Emeritus of Art Northern Illinois University Regarding painting Soviet

“This is a very strong piece in color, design and structure. The piece pays homage to cubism as will as abstract expressionism. This piece a well-planned presentation and he deserves recognition of this work and his other in the show.”